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To meet the requirements of our ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on being a complete system provider for fire alarm system. This means our customers can rely on us for all their fire system requirements. As a testament, our products range now incorporates conventional and analogue addressable fire detection systems, telephone systems, voice evacuation systems, carbon monoxide, and combustible gas detection systems, along with the state-of-the-art aspiration detection systems; all of which are detailed in this publication.

We have a dedicated team of designers with many years of experience of fire alarm and related product design. They are always keep to accept a new challenges.

Systems Variable offers different solutions of fire detection and alarm system:

1. Intelligent Addressable System offer benefits in terms of speed of detection, identification of the location of fire and easier maintenance. Intelligent systems also offers tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wire to be used to connect up to 200 devices to the system. 

2. Conventional Fire Alarm System provides the earliest practicable fire detection and warning. This system is consist of smoke or heat detectors at designated locations, to detect smoke or heat at the earliest during any outbreak of fire.

3. The Hybrid Fire Alarm System combines the capabilities of both Intelligent Addressable and Conventional  Fire Alarm System.

The company also aims to develop its fire  system business through investing in training and development of the employees to ensure that the company's growth  is matched by the growth of employee's skills and development.




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