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Closed Circuit Television


When it comes to CCTV technology, it is no longer  a simple process of installing a camera and plugging it into a video recorder. Today's camera systems are involving into true network appliances, containing many different types of devices that need to fully integrate with each other as well as with other systems.

At Systems Variable, we take the time to design these different components into a system that will meet your specific requirements for both IT and available illumination as well as integrate with your access control.

Our systems normally include: speed domes, LCD display systems, matrix control systems, fiber optics, UTP and digital storage and management systems. 

We can provide an easy way to capture and distribute live images over a telephone line to a remote alarm verification and be time  or event-triggered via e-mail. We offer both digital IP and analog CCTV solutions integrated wih Network and/or Digital Video Recorders. The newer IP solutions have the ability to provide you and your organization with a virtual matrix for camera recall from any location you have to a network connection. As CCTV technology migrates over to IP solutions over the next several years, our technical team at Systems Variable will be leading the way with the best practical solutions based on a real-world applications, reliability and economics.




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