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System, which provides simple cost effective means of managing revenue collection  from car park users while simultaneously  controlling short-stay, long-stay and seasonal parking access. The time-based  systems is unobtrusive and easy to operate.  It can be installed quickly with minimal disruption  to staff and customers. Its modularity and flexibility makes it as an ideal  solution for a wide range of parking  and general access control applications, enabling proprietors to collect an income  from their car parking facilities while eliminating unauthorized parking and thereby reducing frustration for valid users.

Central Monitoring System, a system that requires software are designed for multi-DVR, multi-site and multi-organization. A software application, that allows and control complete monitoring from a central location. The software has  a full capability to support standalone server system, remote monitoring of the DVR's and cameras, provide management report and can be integrated to alarm system.

Time Management System

Users coming and going from work have that access time that logged at the card reader entrance and exists of their work areas. This enables human resource personnel to notice personnel access behavior susch as promptiness, tardiness, early out, overtime, absenteeism, lengthy breaks,incomplete entries, abnormal permissible movement.

Real Time Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

Receive alert message regarding security breaches on your securitysystem, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tampering, as well as a map of the immediate vicinity of the alert highlighting the location(s), assists you in organizing and implementing a response susch as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene.

IP Camera/Video Integration

Integrated with more than 300 IP camera model, 30 manufacturers worldwide, to provide you the smartest of card tracking system, car park video comparison and facial recognition.

Web Enable

Any PC with a web browser and  an internet connection can be used to control your access control system anytime, fromany place on the globe.

PoE Ready

FALCO PoE combines both Ethernet Communications and Power Supply over a single CAT 5/6 cable.Life time saving in the cost of smissions energy.

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Other System

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