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Visitor Management System

The security requirements of company, school, condo, housing area and large organizations are challenging and growing increasingly. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly thru the system and allowed to visit only the relevent areas. FVMS, provides comprehensive visitor registration, tracking, reporting and access control integrations to tracks visitors effectively and efficiently.Some of the features are print professional looking visitor badges and visitor slip, easy and user friendly interface, barcode scanning, MyKad Registration, blacklisting of visitor, visitor asset control and many more

Manage a large volume  of visitors traffic through your premises quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Create and assign visitor cards instantly on demand
  • Keep track of visitor's locations, areas visited, visitors population in a secure area etc.
  • Restricted access to sensitive areas based on security areas, floors or even particular doors.
  • Temporary cards expire automatically within a specified time so they cannot be re-use later.
  • Old temporary cards can be easily recycled and reassigned.
  • Analysis of visitor movement can identify popular routes and visitors destinations.
  • Track visitor in the car park. (in conjunction with car park access control)

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