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Car Park Access Control

Control access to a car park through the use of the USER ID CARDS at the car park  gantry areas. Falco Enterprise Network User and Visitor Cards can be used to gain access to Car Park Gantries. Anti-Pass Back applies to vehicles as well-once a card has been used for entry, it can only be use to exit. This is to prevent multiple vehicles from using the same card to enter the park area.Monitor vehiccle traffic and directly control the gantry from the client workstation.

  • Log vehicle traffic according to Card ID, dates, entry and exit times, etc.
  • Give commands such as opening and closing the gantry for special occassions such as to facilitate the entry of a convoy of delivery vehicles quickly.


FALCO Car Park SBOX-X Access Controller is designed to make the access control systems truly simple and accessible. The result of the sturdiness and stability of the Falco SBOX-X controllers, it preserves the main and most important functions of the line. It was developed to bring the highest technology, in an accessible manner, to the small scale project market. Resources from large systems are now a reality in the SMB market. Always thinking about the idea of making viable the best cost benefit in security investments, the Falco SBOX-X controllers were projected to continue guaranteeing important savings in infrastructure and installation. Each Falco SBOX-X controller is able to control up to two doors (available only for door control).


Effective Infrastructure

  • Leverage on the usage of existing network infrastructure, hence saving your cost.

Adaptive Network Bandwidth

  • High bandwidth with high speed polling transmits data easily, enabling real-time transaction to the users.


Client to Server Environment

  • Communication between Server and FALCO controllers happens whenever an event is active on the controller.

Peer to Peer Communication

  • Communication between one controller with another controller without the need of the database server acting as the facilitator.


High Speed Transmission

  • Patented card searching algorithm to search card database within 1 second for controller memory of 150k users.

Secure Technology

  • Falco proprietary protocol utilized.
  • Integrated power supply module ensures stable operation despite electricity cut-off
  • Door controller and the relay are placed in secure location for the better security

Download here

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